"Do the time warp" was a meme that was popular on DeviantArt in 2008.
At the time I only had the first 4 poses. Then later I added the 5th, and today the 6th.

@rek this is so pretty & such a cool style evolution

@rek shorts + leggings is the best

*literally looks down at herself*

@rek @tty I have them oiled up well. I stepped in a deep puddle on the way homr and despite the leather being a bit on the thin side, dry feet – #TuringBless.

@rek I'm right there with the shorts legging combo, it's super cool to see the evolution ~

@rek could I ask, how long did the blackout tattoo take to be done?

@metkis I don't remember how many hours it took. We did 4 sessions total, lasting an afternoon ish. It took a while to finish because technically I had the same area on my forearm tattooed twice to get an even black color (no pale spots). We also split the tattoo in two (wrist to mid forearm, then mid forearm to elbow).

@rek This is very cool.

Blackout tattoo + shorts + leggins is a powerful combo

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