Blade of the Immortal wallpaper <3.

When I was a teen, I saw one of the mangas on a shelf at a used book store. I bought a copy because of the fantastic art. Samura's been my favorite artist ever since.

I used to own the entire series, but I had to sell it cause I couldn't move it onto the boat.
I kept two books though :>.

gore, violence 

This sequence is especially insane.
A skilled fighter charges through a crowd of attackers to get to the man at the back. The moment is so clear, so fierce and so quick.

@rek Never finished the series due to too much time it took to complete. There were so much characters and plot lines too.

@thomasorus Understandable. It's a very long manga with many complex, individual stories to tell.

@rek read it this year. i found the start quite slow and hard to get into, but around 1/3 into the story, once most of the characters and allegiances are established, it becomes a smooth ride until the end!

the choreography and panelling are really impressive, especially when the author manages to make dynamic and chaotic scenes very easy to follow visually

@tomasteck It's been a while since I've read the beginning, I don't recall the pacing but you may be right.
What I find most impressive about this author is his ability to make nearly every character feel important, following their thoughts, chronicling their past, and then eventually their deaths. No one dies outside the page.

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