@rek is pino in this shot?

also curious if your stove melts any of the above-board snow hehe

@tty This is our friend's marina, not too far away. It's where we bought our boat :>.
And yea, I think the stove does melt some of it. In the morning I clear snow from around the smoke head though, since it doesn't sit high enough off the deck.

Case against living in your sailboat in the winter. It's beautiful though!

Okay my previous comment was just in jest, I just now saw your profile and the other replies. I hope you're able to stay warm. I'm checking out your projects, it's all very inspiring!

@normandc Ha :). Well the marina in the photo has narrow docks, and ppl don't live on their boats, no one is around most times so snow just keeps accumulating. Where we are is a bit better :>.

And thank you ^__^, glad you like my projects.

@rek As an Australian this stuff always fills me with bewilderment. "You mean people live in this???"

@maxc Where we are now is pretty mild too, compared to some other places in Canada :>.

@rek 🥶

Yeah i've heard it gets pretty inhospitable but folks live through it, and have for a very long time, haha. The unfamiliarity and the shock of the cold still always gets me.

@maxc Here worse we get is like, -10C ish, Montreal tho was brutal. Could never quite get used to -30C.

@rek I feel like this is the equivalent of me saying it's just 40c here today and that's fine, at least it's not 45-50 like in central Aus sometimes 🙃

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