OH I have to make this again! Found this old photo in my archives.

Mos Burger in Japan made burgers with pressed rice as buns. We liked that idea so we gave it a shot. Patty was bean-based.

@klaatu @eris Nope, that was yeaaaars ago. But there's bound to be a few recipes out there.

@rek @klaatu @eris I find it so hard to get my rice sticky enough to do things like that.

@presgas @eris @klaatu Would only work with 'sushi rice' (uruchimai 粳米). Might work with black sticky rice too.

@presgas The trick is to not try to make sticky rice. In fact, declare loudly that nothing would ruin ypur evening more than your rice ending up sticky. 100% success rate, but you have to really really believe.

@rek reminds these weird sushi pizzas, invented here, in Canadia >.< They make same rice patties as buns (or pizza base)

@efftoyz That's not a terrible idea, really depends what you put on it though.
In Montreal some sushi restaurants put a thick block of cream cheese in sushi, and I always thought that was psychotic.

@RussSharek Not at all, but you have to use sticky rice.


Brilliant, I'm totally gonna have to try this.

@RussSharek @rek i had one of these in a sushi restaurant in germany, they sold sushi burgers,, i was desperate , confused and curious..

@fleeky @rek

Desperate, confused, and curious sounds like a good state to be in. How did it turn out for you?

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