Currently working on Thousand Rooms again. Many contributed translations, but we had some issues and some languages were never released.

So, hopefully soon, we'll have working Polish, Hungarian, and Lietal versions.

I was thinking, it'd be really nice to have a Toki Pona version :>. If someone out there wants to try and translate the book, let us know. The writing is too beautiful.

@rek I'd love to try and translate it into toki pona, but I don't have a copy and can't really buy one right now

@nihilazo The project is open-source.

We're currently moving the repository to Sourcehut (was on Github previously), once that's done we can direct you to the source text that you can modify, and give you the illustrated English version to use as a base for the translation.

There isn't a ton of text :>.

@nihilazo I'll let you know then! And if your change your mind, for whatever reason, it is completely fine and don't hesitate to say :>.

@rek cool! lemme know if there's any help needed with Polish version. if i remember correctly, we already made the final edits a few years ago, so the translation itself is fine

@tomasteck Yes the edit was final. Thanks again for that. That's why we're doing this now, because some effort was put into those translations :>.

We'll definitely let you know if we need help :>

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