I like adding cabbage to rice when I cook it. Red cabbage makes the rice purple, and so, so pretty. (There is some quinoa and millet mixed in there.)

@rek ohhh wow gotta try that with some of my red kraut liquid :>

@rek it looks like violets!
Thanks for the idea, I'm sure I'll try it :D

@rek I added some red cabbage to a pasta dish I made this evening.

The anthocyanins — natural red and blue pigments — are believed to be very good for you, too.

But, boy, does that stuff stain!

@rek you can add saffron to rice, it makes it yellow ☺️

@nomadbynature I've never used saffron because of its price, but turmeric does a good enough job at yellow :>. Different flavor tho.

@rek oh cool! 😁 Have you tried adding some vinegar to it too? It should turn a bit more into red then

@rek Ooh, I bet forbidden rice and red cabbage would be a good combination!

@rek do you chop it up raw and cook it with the rice? Looks fantastic and I have a (green) cabbage I’m looking to cook with.

@peregrine Yep, esp if I don't want to cook it separately in another pot, and i find that it adds a bit of flavor to the rice.

@rek what kind of ratio for rice:cabbage? 1:.25? I’ll have to give this a shot.

@peregrine Hm, not sure. I like cabbage a lot so I put a ton, like enough to cover the rice in the pot (my pot is small though).

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