@rek How possible would it be to make a lil' garden on Pino? :pumpkin_laugh:

@neauoire @rek Hmm... if soil isn't practical, I wonder if a small hydroponics system would be :flan_think:

Though... it is kinda complex and apparently not cheap/easy to get into and I have no idea if those kinds of systems would hold up under the motions of the sea :/

@jbauer @neauoire For now we cant think of a way to set up a hyroponics system that wouldn't be overly intrusive (small space problems).
We'll keep thinking about it tho.

@jbauer We have some plants now, because it's winter and we move less. But they always get damaged when we start moving the boat more :/.

There has to be a way to keep one year long, but we haven't figured it out yet.

@cblgh We were never this successful again with re-growing them from pits. Ah well.

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