Exchanging assets for our little game is so easy XD. I send them like this, but I could easily just read them aloud to @neauoire

Pre-tty cool.

@rek @neauoire This is one of the things I love from pico 8 that you can have any portion of the sprite sheet in your clipboard :)

@mario_afk @neauoire So nice to be able to preserve and exchange data that way.

@rek easiest encryption ever :'D and for reverse encryption - if ya want to not hide photo in data but data in photo - have ya heard bout steganosaurus?

@rek @neauoire lol @ kaka :D it's Russian childish for crap. (Sorry for assuming that your Russian is not THAT deep)

@efftoyz @neauoire It isn't deep, "caca" in French. I just like to write it with k's.

@rek @neauoire oh lol, so we "borrowed" this word from French as well >.< those Russian..

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