I will miss watching the Expanse. SUCH a good show.

@rek I'm honestly shocked each time there's a new season. But I did notice that the episode description says "season finale" so... maybe they'll do it again?

@neltnerb Naw, it's done :>. It finished well and doesn't need additional episodes.

expanse spoilers 

@rek Okay, so I think that this was as conclusive as several previous seasons. Satisfying but with major loose ends.

Like... there's this planet where some aliens can bring humans back to life, changed in some unexplained way. On the same planet, there is an alien spaceship that is waking up in the final episode. The general says the system's ring is now closed. There's still protomolecule sample. There's more stupid politics.

That's definitely enough to go on for a new season.

@rek we just caught the finale too! so fucking good!

@rek it bothered me a bit how many new plot lines they created in season 6 but didn't elaborate on or resolve.

But at the end of the episode I did think "this is an acceptable ending". In many ways it would have been weird if they resolved everything, because never ending conflict is kind of an overarching theme.

@rek the books, novellas, and comics are good too 😎
@rek Seconding the recommendation for the books. They are excellent.

@rek nice! I started reading the books a month or two ago and watching just enough of the show to not spoil myself :P

@bd @rek I'm reading the books rn and really liking the books
might start watching the show too

@nihilazo @rek I’d say do it! The pacing and vibe is a bit different between the show and books but I love them both

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