Spent the last week editing a video on optimizing images for the web in Blender.
It is coming together~

@rek Blender is such an amazing tool I've been learning it recently and I'm really punching myself for not trying earlier. How's video editing working out in it?

@Preston It's really great :). Not the least bit buggy, and the timeline permits sooo many layers.

@rek Wow I'm going to give that a try I had no idea.

@rek I’m really curious if you’ve done anything with blender’s grease pencil now

@flowb Nop cause i don't know what that is (my knowledge of blender stops at video editing).

@rek it’s blender’s “2D” drawing and animation toolkit. 🖌️

@flowb I did not know there were 2d animation tools, very cool. This software keeps on giving.

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