A friend gave us a crazy big pile of charts! One book covers Puget Sound to Vancouver, and the pile of loose charts covers most of Vancouver Island and northern waters like Queen Charlotte Sound. Can't believe it.
These are super expensive to buy, especially as paper charts.


Actually it's even more detailed than I thought. I thick we may have *all* the charts for these waters... this is crazy lol.
Got Strait of Juan de Fuca, Johnstone Strait, Nootka Sound, Ucluelet... *dizzy with charts*

@alinanorakari nothing beats looking at information on paper, especially for planning trips :>.

@rek and the paper can work offline and without electricity

@rek @alinanorakari

It is very important to keep the charts updated, following the "Notice to mariners¹" and other communications by the maritime authorities, like the Summary of corrections.
If the maps are old this will require some digging in the port archives.

¹ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notice_to_mariners


I know you know… but it was a reminder for everybody else 🙂

General knowledge in maritime things is just a little bit better than general knowledge in programming!


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