A little while ago I made a video for the Photographer's Gallery, for their Green Hacks series, on how to optimize images for the web. They've just published it.

It is basically a video version of this page on my website: https://kokorobot/site/leanimages.html



Edited with Blender, uploaded on very slow internet over many hours.

@rek nice video! How steep was the learning curve for switching to Blender for video editing? I use a free but closed-source videoeditor and keep meaning to replace it

@voxel Not overly steep, honestly. I used Premiere and other video editing tools in the past (way back when), and Blender is just as good.

There are tons of good tutorials online too that help with setup. It can be a bit tricky to figure out where things are at first, but editing itself is pretty intuitive.

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