Staying in the same anchorage for a while, it is interesting to see how quickly others move on.

We've been in Melanie Cove for a while, and we've yet to see it all.
It's possible that many people have been here before, but still, I guess many people are boating on a schedule and want to see it all before they go back home...

@rek from talking with the few local boating folks I've met (incl some coworkers) it's always schedule. Especially work schedules for those who can't work remote (either jobs that can't be remote, or jobs that won't *let* folks work remote). Especially where you're at - it's really popular to do a Van Island circumnav as a 2-3 week summer vacation and then get back to work in the cities a day later when they get back

This is also, I surmise, why so many sailors motor 50-70-90% of the time here

@klardotsh yea, and I do get that. But why not just... spend time in 2 anchorages instead of...10, say? I do get that there’s a lot of rly awesome places, but there is so much value in seeing the same place in all sorts of conditions. I donno. Would mean less motoring, too.

@klardotsh I know it’s different if the goal is to circumnavigate. But I doubt that most ppl transiting though here are doing that. Thinking that they just want to hit all the main anchorages in the area just... because they can say they did.

@rek i'm with you. There's some similarity here to another thing I think about sometimes: the "Instagram way" of travelling. Like the folks who hop on a plane to a new country every week, barely scratching any surfaces beyond "hey look, weird new food!"

Seems so much less fulfilling but I guess who am I to judge if they're not harming anyone :/

@klardotsh ought to also specify that I’m saying this after watching a boat arrive at 2100 last night and struggle to stern tie to shore for an hour (they didn’t have to stern tie, don’t know what possessed them do to it) in the rain, before leaving at 0800 the next day XD... I was just thinking like, Christ... boating like that is such a pain.

@rek wow, literally no time to enjoy the place at all. That's the boat equivalent of RVing in a WalMart parking lot :/

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