One of my favorite dishes these days is scrambled chickpea flour (just-milled chickpea flour mixed with cumin, a bit of tahini and water), served with some strips of nori and some spiced lacto-fermented carrots.
I sometimes add a splash of soy sauce and some sambal oelek over top too!

@GustavinoBevilacqua pedalo haha~ right on. Watch out for dem ocean waves.

@rek what consistency do you aim for with the batter? I'm assuming "scrambled" means you stir it while cooking for something similar to scrambled egg? (The alternative being let it sit for a more pancake/quiche thing)

S'pose I should check if it's already up on grimgrains...

@consumtariat it’s pretty wet, but how much water also depends on the grind of the chickpea flour

@rek I've used chickpea flour in that way as egg replacement in shakshuka.

@hankg that’s how I use it :). I make “omelettes” a lot.

@rek yum. I always have chickpea flour in the cupboard but haven’t been using it much lately. I’m going to try this for lunch.

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