Really loving our long stay on Cortes Island. We really didn’t expect to stay here this long, but it is crazy beautiful... the trails are nice, the water is warm enough to swim in, and there’s so much room that it never rly feels crowded when other boats come.

I hear bald eagles everyday (such a unique cry). I also always hear the resident seal before I see it (it breathes so loud when it surfaces).

We had planned to be more north at this time, but plans change :). Especially if we discover a place on the way that we really love.


Stumbled on a new trail yesterday quite by accident (missed our usual turn off cause I was likely too busy ranting g about something) and the path opened onto a lovely lagoon :)! The rocks were full of dried filamentous algae that had gone from a neon green to a blinding white, thick and so tightly pressed that it resembled paper.

While heading there, we found yet another trail branching off!

This island really is full of surprises.

@tty I am very thankful for all the feet that have made, and that continue to detail, these trails. They're really wonderful.

@dualhammers I was very glad for that moment of inattention :)... brought us somewhere very nice.

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