In most places we have to watch out for mosquitoes, but here we have horse flies to contend with.

They are HUGE and getting bit hurts like hell.

They come out to the boat everyday to say hello 😑 ...wish they didn't.

@rek Oof, they’re the worst! Is there any way to tell them that they’re not invited?

@lilletale if i knew that then I’d have more blood left.

@rek "hi, I would like to hang out today!"
"and not try to eat my blood right?"
"not my blood right?"

@maxc them bastards always leave with their fill, but not always with their lives.

@rek Oh yeah we have these all over our land here, and moose flies too. Somehow I've never been bitten though, they're usually too busy trying to burrow into my wife's hair.

I attract all of the ticks like some horrible blood filled magnet instead, so I guess our discomfort balances out.

@flatmountain haha~! Yea they seem to like me, they've avoided Devine thus far.
I've never heard of moose flies.

@rek We have biting flies on the NC Outer Banks. They are smaller and fast. Our weapon of choice is

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