We raise the phone (that we tether off of) up the mast daily now, to get a signal, didn’t used to have to do that. It also doesn’t always work (signal strength varies from day to day).
The phone is in a little pouch near the second set of spreaders.

@rek that’s interesting. Makes me wonder if you could embroider an antenna wire into a flag and hook into that.

@tendigits people on boats often have extenders, to better catch signals. We need to look into that.

@neauoire @tendigits @rek Does it have metal sides? On my brickphone and on most iPhones the metal strips are the antennas. If I touch mine to the bimini frame I often get a lot more signal.

Or just open it up and find the internal antenna and solder a wire on 😃

@yngmar @tendigits @rek it's all plastic and opening it up will do wonders with the salt air I'm sure ;)

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