Tides and schedules don’t quite go together, do they?

Trying to plan a meeting with my parents (they’re visiting), which puts us on a schedule... and right now the flooding tide is long (we need an ebbing tide to get to where they’ll be), almost all day long. We’ll have to get up before the sun tomorrow to time our exit with the tide out of Plumper Sound, then drop anchor elsewhere till 14h30 before moving again, riding the weakest flooding current of the day a bit nearer to our destination.


Oh, and it’s gonna rain tomorrow, for the first time in a long while -_-!

Fun times ahead.

Decided to make the transit today instead. Arrived in North Saanich at 1800. I wanted to leave tomorrow, initially, because then we could spend an extra full day on Saturna and visit the farmer's market... but ah well! The weather was better today.

We had to sail into the wind to exit Plumper Sound (lots and lots of tacking).

I am always astonished at how close Pino can sail to the wind.

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