Tides and schedules don’t quite go together, do they?

Trying to plan a meeting with my parents (they’re visiting), which puts us on a schedule... and right now the flooding tide is long (we need an ebbing tide to get to where they’ll be), almost all day long. We’ll have to get up before the sun tomorrow to time our exit with the tide out of Plumper Sound, then drop anchor elsewhere till 14h30 before moving again, riding the weakest flooding current of the day a bit nearer to our destination.

@rek I don't miss tidal sailing much. I remember crossing from France to UK and sailing along to Falmouth and then cross Biscay from there than to get up several days in a row in the middle of the night to catch a favourable tide around the channel islands.

Although zooming around the corner from St. Vaast into Cherbourg at 10 knots was exciting! That was 3 knots STW and the rest from current - we could've gone even faster, but would've arrived with the flood into the harbour.


@yngmar yea it’s kind of a pain. I’d consider night sailing here if there wasn’t so many crab pots/logs in the water.
We decided to leave today instead, via a different route. Longer sail, better weather (sunny today). It’s a route we haven’t done a lot, so here’s hoping the current wont do too many weird things on this transit >_<. Cause of all the islands it goes up and down and around and what a messsssss.

@rek Ahh, at least the English channel is very well documented and the current mostly goes either left or right! :)

We had fun in the Messina strait, which is less well documented (other than by Homer perhaps) and we found you can pick whether you go sail in the current or in the countercurrent (opposite direction - at the same time) depending how close to shore you sail :D

@yngmar yea that's how it is here, lots of counter currents, eddies etc. If you know where they are it can save you a lot of time/pain. We're learning, got a really neat book that helps with that too... it is well-documented, but since it always takes us longer to get anywhere than I think the current almost always has time to do weird shit XD...
We just arrived at our destination :>. Didnt have to worry about the current much cause the wind was hella good (bit bumpy at times though).

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