Why have a dinghy when you can have a helicopter!

- A super yacht anchored near us

@rek why have an helicopter when you can have anything else is the question 😎 these should only be for emergency services

@electret cause you get to brag about having a helipad I guess?

@rek I think our Portabote can carry more weight than their helicopter.

We were highly amused when we saw two people + pilot board the helicopter on their Damen Sea Axe somewhere in Greece, only for the pilot to climb back out, remove a large duffel bag from the helicopter and leave it behind on the landing pad as they took off.

All the money in the world and you still can't bring an extra bag of luggage :mastorofl:

@yngmar haha yea, they’re not big!
Oh you have a portabote! Nice! Handles a lot of weight well?

@rek It does! More space than a flubber too, without the massive tubes. Has some downsides, but overall it was a good choice.

Now if only I'd been smart enough to add davits when I had the chance! 🤦‍♂️

@yngmar I was looking for a used portabote after our inflatable died, I liked that it stows easy and seemed stable, but none popped up on sale in my area. Oh well!

Meh, no dinghy is ever absolutely perfect XD...

@rek When we went to Greece we really got to appreciate the Portabote, because many of our friends inflatables died from the heat. The glue melted in the extreme sun and heat and they just kinda oozed apart! Most of them ended up replacing them after many patching attempts and pumping while underway :)

Really gotta make chaps to cover the tubes in such climate.

What have you got now? I think I saw a nice GRP dinghy?

@yngmar yea us and so many of our sailor friends had glue problems in the South Pacific, even those with hypalon. It’s hard to do fixes right. We made chaps for Iggy (our old PVC inflatable) but was already too late.

Yea we got a little fibreglass dinghy, a pram. Fits well on deck, just forward of the baby stay, and rows really well :)!

@rek when we were in Maine a little while ago, we saw one of google's founder's Two yachts. One that was the real yacht, the other for the helipad.

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