Really looking forward to returning to Victoria to go and pick some apples! What’s sad is we arrive late (October), so we only ever get to pick apples. I like apples, but more variety would be lovely.

Recently learned that the fruit picking organization that Dev & I volunteer with in Victoria also operates in the Gulf Islands! If we time it right next year, we could participate in picks on Galiano Island and elsewhere and have access to all kinds of fruit ^_^!

@rek I am currently in Tbilisi Georgia (first time here) and have been blown away by the amount of fruit growing on literally every street. In the last few days we have come across figs, grapes, plums, prickly pear, quince, apple, hawthorn berry, black berry and I am sure a lot more. Don't think I have ever been to a place with so much fruit growing everywhere. I hope you find some lovely apple selections in Victoria tho!

@liaizon similar picks here!!! Would love to pick all of those. There is some quince still in october here I think, not a ton though. Picking figs sounds so great... it’s rare I get to eat those fresh but they’re so so good.

Yea either way I’m happy I get to pick apples at all! The area has a lot of different varieties so it’s always super fun. I also ought to mention that I got to pick blackberries and salmonberries in the wild this year so, I shouldn’t complain hehe!

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