Me: “I’m doing it! I’m inking comic frames with the dip pen without making any blotches!”

Literally a minute later, as I try and take the photo featuring the ink/dip pen, I accidentally flick the end of dip pen as I reach for the camera with my other hand... and splashed a neighbouring frame.

The desire to document the lack of blotches resulted in a blotch


I will get better at this @ritualdust ;) haha~

@ritualdust Merci bien~! C’est vraiment plus facile de faire du thick & thin, pis du shading a la ligne avec le dip pen je trouve. En2k, merci pour l’inspiration!

Now I have to stick with it hehe... I always have moments when I start drawing with it, then I stop for a long while... on/off for years and years.

@rek indeed! C’est cool de voir de tes planches aussi! Je me suis remise a lire de la bd ces temps-ci et ca me fait vraiment apprécier le travail qui va la dedans :)

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