Deck water irons pass a stove's vent pipe through the deck. Water is kept in the trough, and thus cools the pipe by absorbing & dissipating heat.

What a great design.

Made a little curtain for an area where we keep spices and drinks :>. Shields them from light, and will keep them from falling out of that space.

The curtain has two pockets sown in, with a wooden dowel on each end.

The rabbit fabric was a gift from a friend in Japan :>. Been carrying it around a while, but only just found a use for it!

Saw a male today! Totally winning at Vancouver Island bird bingo.

(image src:

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The cushions we had aboard Pino were old, and flat. I cut them open today, and removed the inside and instead stuffed them with some extra clean towels, rags and winter socks. We don't have a ton of storage space, so this helps :D. Now the cushions are nice and plump.

Did not have extra zippers or buttons on hand to close the cushions up again, so I used some Japanese coins from our last trip (the 5 yen with the hole in the middle) as buttons with some bits of old paracord.

Ahhhh! The foundry sent us a picture of our stove 😍

It was painted today.

There is a beautiful female hooded merganser that hangs around our marina. Look at that beautiful crest 😍

(Not my photo)

Some quick cheese! Going to make grilled 'cheese' sandwiches for lunch with this.

Didn't have a Pino page on my personal website, so I made one today :>.

(Pino in Los Angeles, summer 2016)

A cleat made from a set of ropes saturated with epoxy.

"Very strong, very light, very cheap, very fast to make."

Made another batch of Indian-style carrot pickles. Just 1 kg of carrots this time, but I'll likely start another jar this week.

Love taking walks along the beach at low-tide to see what is normally hidden. Lots of smooth rocks, miniature snails, barnacles and seaweed.

Spotted some black turnstones (pictured) too, small wading birds, picking crustaceans and mollusks from under stones and algae mats.

[img from]

New dithered Prospect wallpaper. Am very happy with the colors :>.

Making some rejuvelac (soaked wheat berries) for another 'cheese' experiment.

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