Released the list of changes to the Hundred Rabbits projects for July.

Today is windy but sunny, Pino is stern-tied to shore, and internet is flaky as fuck.

Some fun with some action poses :>! Dae taking down a hostile character. This is part of the sequence, not in order.

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Sweet peanut butter cocoa goodness~ very rich, but very good.

A variation of this recipe (no beans, lots and lots of peanut butter).

Released the list of changes to the Hundred Rabbits project for the month of June!

Non sequential panels, photographed from my sketchbook. What has been filling my days as of late~!

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Pino with the boom tent in summer mode :>. Covers most of the cockpit without obscuring any of our two solar panels.

Been doing some free form comics for the past few weeks, to help me flesh out some new characters, and it is so, so fun.

I guess this is the drawing version of roleplaying OCs, something I grew up doing (and that I freakin’ loved).

Towing rabbit in a halved coconut on a calm day at sea, for funsies.

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Working on some new illustrations in the style of the ones of the FSF talk :>

Published the list of changes to the Hundredrabbits projects for the month of May.

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