Went to pick blackberries in our area yesterday evening, and made cake that same night.

Cooked it on the stove top for a short time, then buried it with blankets to slow-cook for an hour. Result was 👌

Whipstaff steering.

A way to steer a vessel from inside the cabin. We experimented with this on our last big passage after we lost our dodger (not knowing it was something people did).

This steering device was used on 16th- and 17th-century European sailing ships.

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Picked up some carpets to lay over the insulation in the v-berth, as a finish. It's cheap, easy to cut and not too heavy.


Lacto-fermented cauliflower and red onions.

The red of the onion dissolves into the brine and gives the cauliflower a lovely pink color :>.

Recipe: nicrunicuit.com/faire/fermente

Working on some curtains for Pino :>. Each window will have its own, cut to size. I've made 3 so far, using fabric I found at a thrift store in town.

We had other blinds on the windows previously, but they didn't cut light out enough, and didn't cover all of the windows.

These block out light, and offer more privacy when we're at a dock with other boats around~

Dev & I bought this box in Japan in 2012. We found it at a thrift store while there. We store bottles of sesame oil and of soy sauce in it, the bottles are square-ish and fit perfectly.

Decided to make it pretty today. Coffee stain + varnish. Only one layer so far.

Working on Niju this morning. I like to add white boxes on the canvas to help me figure out where things are quickly in the .chr file. A line that reads 'ffff' 8 times in a row is easy to spot.

We're extracting good parts from Calcifer to help fix another engine (very similar to this one), which is currently being rebuilt on land. If all goes well, it will replace this one.

Never seen this part of the engine before :O!

Last night's blue mat, 3-passes :). That halyard cutting was very short but in great condition.

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Friend gave us cuttings from old halyards recently. Planning to make mats with them all ^_^...!

Here's today's mat.

Sanded and re-varnished the wooden table trim. It looks great now :>.

Should have taken a before photo for comparison...

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