Notes on alcohol stoves, up on 100R gemini space :>.

I'm *ALMOST* done talking about this stuff ;)... maybe.


Might get my hands on a 1975 brass lever pump soon! Exchanging emails with owner atm.

If so, we'll have a new galley pump on Pino :>. Our foot pump setup failed during the Pacific Crossing and we're looking for a more durable upgrade.

Last week me & @neauoire helped to sort through bottles at our old yacht club. Totalling to $1069.90's worth.
The amount will go to the club's JR sailing program.

Got our hands on an Origo 3000 alcohol stove! Will be experimenting with this in the coming days. It's in a very good condition :>.

Maya Gabeira surfed a 73.5-foot wave in February, breaking a world record in the process. The footage of that wave is insaaane..!

Link to video:

Albatrosses are glam birds.

Drawing for the latest 100r video.

Medussa 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍

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Working on the instruction booklet for Donsol NES :>

Also, learning how to use Inkscape. I used to hate on it, a lot, and now I can't remember why? It's great!

Watched "My Octopus Teacher" a few days ago, and it nearly brought to tears. If you spend enough time in a wild environment, learning more about the creatures and plants that live there, it's awful hard not to care.

Beautiful solid cast-iron wood stove by ShipMate. Lovely.

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