Left is fermented carrots with spices—already started this jar and it is delicious. Right is the beets, having a messy temper tantrum.

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Rabbit wave (波うさぎ ) sculpture. A pattern popular in Japan since ancient times, used in family crests and ceramics.

Lyubov Morekhodova, 76, skating on Lake Baikal in southern Siberia on skates made in WW2. Been skating since she was 7.

"Nausea" is from Ancient Greek ναυσία (nausía, “sea-sickness”), from ναῦς (naûs, “ship”).

Not short on old ropes on Pino! Friends gave us this white rope while in Fiji, and overtime, we cut it down, using it for a variety of projects.
Last night, I used the last of it to make this small mat for our companionway steps :>!

Paul Thiel, a ninety one year old naval architect who lives in Seattle, has created human powered boats since his teenage years.
This Escargot can do 3 to 4 knots on calm water at a reasonably easy pedalling rate.

Been playing Dr. Mario a lot, trying to beat lvl 20 on all speeds.

I recently beat Lvl 20 on Medium. I was then treated to a weird cut scene where the viruses sit atop a tree, watching a baby dinosaur fly by in its egg.

What the hell XD...? So random.

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