@rostiger @glyph Yea that's a bit much. Most times ppl do like, ~80 per day on long trips.

Just finished reading Mingming & the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing by Roger Taylor. I love Roger's approach to sailing.

He does one big trip per year, and that's all the sailing he'll do that year. On those trips he never lands anywhere. He skirts by land sometimes, admiring it from a distance.

His travels are only ever about being on the ocean, and I really love that.

@glyph @neauoire Looks great with the cushions too :D, am so glad this is done.

@karolbelina Same, but it doesn't impart much flavor in cake.

@rosano Wow XD... absurdity breeds good memes tho.

@FiXato Yea, it helps to save fuel. I also use the pressure cooker too. I put the cast iron pot in it and close the lid. Works well.

@ritualdust There's supposed to be some wild raspberries and blueberries out here, but never seen any.

@ritualdust It is very good, so good we sampled it late last night (hence the gap in the cake).

Now if only I could find some raspberries out here... :P

Went to pick blackberries in our area yesterday evening, and made cake that same night.

Cooked it on the stove top for a short time, then buried it with blankets to slow-cook for an hour. Result was 👌

Whipstaff steering.

A way to steer a vessel from inside the cabin. We experimented with this on our last big passage after we lost our dodger (not knowing it was something people did).

This steering device was used on 16th- and 17th-century European sailing ships.

A thread:

Picked up some carpets to lay over the insulation in the v-berth, as a finish. It's cheap, easy to cut and not too heavy.


@dualhammers We don't rly keep green onions, mostly leek, and leek lasts a long time. Tho tbh I've never paid attention to how long ^_^;.

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