@neauoire @dualhammers hell yes i am, because I hadn't quite mastered the ruuuules and because I helped you win and that is SUPER unsatisfying lol.

I won the first game we played, so there 💪

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I love doing logos and visuals for bands and artists now instead of brands.
Before: "could you make our logo softer so people see our brand as a friend?"
Now: "could you draw us a t-shirt design? The back is gonna read 'kill nazis dead' you can draw whatever you want on the front"

@ritualdust Yesss haha~! Having to over-soften shit down sucks.

@coffe yes! It’s very pretty. We’ve anchored just south of it, across the little channel (Melanie cove). The peak of that mountain is visible from the anchorage. It’s lovely on rainy mornings, with clouds hugging it’s peak.
More impressive is the mountain chain to the east of that point (attached to the mainland)

@tty yea, Devine told me and I’d just closed my computer heh! Will fix soon ^_^

@tty Anchor ahead, just a floating line to shore, yes :). No no, only one anchor. The second line is my paranoia line (as i like to call it). The rope bit of our rode is a bit worn and when we have to let a lot of it out (past the worn bit) i get worried, so i tie a security line to the last chain link before the rope bit starts.
Next time we're at a dock for a while I'll cut out the bad bit, i dont do this normally.

@tty @neauoire There really is. Especially since this area is rly busy, crowded with motor boaters (who are noisy, smelly and make large wakes in passing). We had none of that ^_^.
Less hot too! Still hot these days in the afternoons.

@rostiger Japan was unrealistic to me too back then. I didn’t believe it until I had my feet on Japanese soil and saw a flag and a kombini.
You won’t believe you’re in Hawaii until you’ve got your toes buoying in sand with your boat anchored in the background.
Having a goal is nice, it’s very realistic. Just takes planning.

@tty @neauoire thanks! Was only a small jump. Love early morning transits.

We’re stern tied to a tree in a very nice, but snug cove. Laying the anchor, we were almost near the other side of the little nook (very narrow).

Yesterday the tree was easy to reach, a bit of climbing was necessary, but now the cliff keeps getting taller, revealing crusty and sharp sea things clinging to it (hard on the feet). The tide isn’t done dropping.

Tenedos Bay is all cliffs. A very stunning anchorage. Will share photos once our good cam is done charging :).

@rostiger yes yes yes!!! I look forward to keeping up with your progress!
Any ultimate destination? A place you’d really like to visit, for whatever reason :>

@neauoire @gustav @coffe @rostiger there was some backlash, and they said they were gonna put the schedules back. A small win if that happens.

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Henceforth, I will no longer interact with images lacking alt-text.

Please add alt-text to your images, friends.

Some of us have problems seeing, interpreting & interacting with images.

@tendigits people on boats often have extenders, to better catch signals. We need to look into that.

We raise the phone (that we tether off of) up the mast daily now, to get a signal, didn’t used to have to do that. It also doesn’t always work (signal strength varies from day to day).
The phone is in a little pouch near the second set of spreaders.

@sunstone oh thx for that! I’ll modify the text. This is rly helpful, thank you!

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@klardotsh I can’t that list right now but the wait time is less for a stove that is plain (the navigator stove works stoves). That’s why ours isn’t enamelled. Wait list was 2+yrs.
there are always some for sale, if you’re patient enough. Ppl overestimate the work involved and the heat output and sell it.

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