@7047741 In regard to the toot you deleted, it matters. That's all I'm going to say about this.

@dualhammers No Ronin doesn't do dithering, used ditherit + gimp for image optimization.

@humberto I sent a message to a local distillery, see if this is something they're doing.

@xj9 Recipe calls for 3 cloves? Make that 3 BULBS.

@humberto Yea I've bookmarked a couple online stores. Weighing pros and cons of each option: cost vs local purchasing vs product quality vs product toxicity.

@humberto I don't know enough about this stuff, but i have read that too much water makes for a very sooty flame.

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Instructions for a quick gin recipe

It doesn't take longer to cook toast + coffee on the alcohol stove than on our propane stove. Pretty cool.
The only issue we've got now, is on finding a local, dependable source of fuel. Also, we need longer matches ;).

@pho4cexa @neauoire No i've never heard of this!! This is amazing :O

@rosano @neauoire Yea, i just thought it was funny to have that sort of article posted on there.
I'll go read it on his blog.

@dokoissho Damn, those miso flavours look amazing?? Dandelion leek? Wow. Never see things like this in Japan, recipes are so traditional.

@rosano then you get this when trying to read it. Free web is dying.

@Niquarl @yngmar Well in Japan its like that, no bins. Ppl bring their trash home with them. I think that's actually alright? Like, to be responsible for the trash you produce.

@dualhammers i like canola because it's a source of omega 3, and in some places we've been I can't say i had other alternatives.

Yea i get you, sesame has a strong flavor, but so does peanut no? I add it to dressings, or if i make gimbap.

@Niquarl @yngmar I think they might have changed their system because of covid, not sure tho. Seems recent. Either that or they thought 'hey, we should upgrade because who even uses coins anymore!' Maybe someone sold them on the idea.

OR, or maybe they discovered ppl cheating the coin showers, cause you can do that, and they were sick of it?

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