@epoch The issue is that to make fuel you need fuel. We can buy biodiesel, not certain our older engine would like it tho, still need to do research, weigh pros and cons.

@oak I feel you. Hope you find something that works :<.

Yesterday a sailboat burst their diesel tank, and it emptied out into the harbour. The entire area reeked of it. Today, the coastguard was out there, trying to clean up the mess.

I really wish our boat did not carry fossil fuels, it would kill me to be responsible for a spill like this.

@aynish Yea, straight out, am just careful to use clean tools when I take some out.
If by dry brine you mean just using salt (no water), than yes, dry brine :>.

@wendy Nice, waterlocks are fun. Have one from when I used to make beer.
Because I used a dry-salt method I don't need weights, but I do need to pack the veg. 1L jars with a rubber seal and metallic spring work well. They allow for some 'burping', and don't let air in.

@dualhammers Online bank? I just have a Canadian bank account, which I can access online and now in person since we're back in the country.

@stephen No I've never tried to make a nukadoko myself, I've eaten it many times in Japan and did read about the process. Whilst sailing offshore it made no sense to have one, but may re-consider it now :>. Nuka fermentations are so, so good.

Left is fermented carrots with spices—already started this jar and it is delicious. Right is the beets, having a messy temper tantrum.

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Pickling some red beets right now, and it is a very violent fermentation. Could hear it fizzing and bubbling last night. Glad I put a container under it, because it's spitting red everywhere.
I may have over-filled the jar :>, in any case, some spillage is normal.

@mrus @neauoire here 100r.co/site/liveaboard.html#c and 100r.co/site/sailing.html#cost (just realized we had two 'cost' sections, heh). But there are so many factors, maintenance will cost more on an older boat (like ours), and will cost even more if you sail a lot.

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This is called a "roof snake". Also called referred to as a shingle nail puller among other roof-related terms. Watching the DIY version being made seems just so satisfying. One day, I should try to make my own

@oak Ha, I did not know that. I haven't yet re-visited this film as an adult :P.

@jameschip I made some pretty legit ones once, no special tools, just needs enough fat and heat.
I usually opt for simple breads too, but I do crave nan now and then :>...

@jameschip Taste of seared skin, lovely.
Looks like a nan~

@suvij Looks great, so much life in your sketch.

@aearil @neauoire Need to ask other sailors about their cockpit drains hehe. Ours exit below the waterline behind the keel. Ppl with open transoms don't have this problem.

@aearil @neauoire Seems to be a back-flow issue, but this is from posts i read on forums heh. Depends on the boat, and would only ever backflow on a certain degree of heel.
"With the cockpit drains below water level, while the boat is moving a partial vacuum is created and the water is sucked out of the cockpit faster than if it had a static drain."
This thought kept me up last night XD...

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