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I want to prepare more meals in the pressure cooker. To save on fuel, but also because it requires so little work from me :>.
Making pressure cooked rice and Japanese curry right now.

Just came back from the pick! Was super fun ^______^! We had 3 trees to pick, resulted in many, many, MANY boxes of apples. We got to bring some home too, wahoo!
The owners of the house were really chill, happy to have their trees picked.

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We volunteer at LifeCycles, a project in Victoria that harvests fruit trees from people's yards and donate them to the various local food banks.

If you have fruit trees and are willing to have people pick them, add your trees to the project.

Signed up with a Fruit Tree Project in Victoria (BC). The organization distributes fruit that would otherwise go to waste to those in the community who will use it.

Devine & I volunteered to help pick apples today.

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Instructions for a quick gin recipe

It doesn't take longer to cook toast + coffee on the alcohol stove than on our propane stove. Pretty cool.
The only issue we've got now, is on finding a local, dependable source of fuel. Also, we need longer matches ;).

Marina showers used to work on a timer with coins, now you pay with a card that you can top up electronically. Today the server is down, and so the showers don't work, and staff can't get into the room to fix it. No showers for anyone today.
Kind of a shit system. Same thing would happen during a power outage.

JUST finished the bottle of gin I made while in Japan.

Time to start another batch~!

Devine, struggling to finish a task.

"It's like my computer is haunted."

Yesterday our neighbour came by, saying he found some ethyl alcohol we could use in our stove.

"It may not be high-proof enough for your stove, but you can give it a try."

It turned out to be a bottle of white wine ;). Ah, boat ppl are witty and very, very nice.

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Notes on alcohol stoves, up on 100R gemini space :>.

I'm *ALMOST* done talking about this stuff ;)... maybe.


" not specifically for CP solely, but for all manufacturers of marine alcohol. This happened about a year ago. We waited for direction from the Government for a while, and since then, our President and Management team have decided to discontinue this product."
That's from Captain Phab, a big supplier of denatured alcohol.

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Why it is difficult to find denatured alcohol in Canada:
"This is because there was a Government issued recall on denatured alcohol. Basically, someone used marine alcohol for fondue, and got severely burned. As a result of this, packaging was requested to change…"

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"The most important feature of Sublime Text… is that it doesn’t change."

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