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Vivid biofluorescence discovered in the nocturnal Springhare (Pedetidae). This is the first documented biofluorescence of an Old World placental mammal.

Ouaaaawow. Bob Rafei's site is the same as ever <3.

All of that concept art.

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Street art in Islamabad promoting the , which happens every year on International Working Women's Day.

Some quick cheese! Going to make grilled 'cheese' sandwiches for lunch with this.

Didn't have a Pino page on my personal website, so I made one today :>.

(Pino in Los Angeles, summer 2016)

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also because i have referenced it a few times in conversation lately, this is still my favorite essay on internet culture i've ever read:

"I am all the more convinced that the hallucinatory freedom felt by social media users is precisely the hallucinatory freedom felt by consumers relishing in the prescribed choices offered in a shopping mall."

Personal sites are like digital gardens with their own flora and fauna, tended with love and care, ever-growing and lush. These places usually have bridges to other gardens that have their own diverse ecosystems.

I used to love following links and ending up in beautiful, unique gardens.

Now those bridges are gone, and gardening has been outsourced...

Monocultures suck.

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I went to animation school with a lot of rly good artists, but I am sad that almost none of them have personal websites anymore. All my links are dead.
Most still have a web presence on social media, or an online store... but trading a personal website for this is such a mistake.

When you break the thing you were using to get the thing out of the thing INTO the thing.

You think you just made up a word but no, it exists. Ratooning exists.

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The Toronto Public Library did a workshop on livecoding ORCA and Pilot last night and posted the video online.

If anyone wants to follow along:

(requires signup)

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Print and digital copies of A Wood Heart are now available for sale on my itch page or my big cartel shop. All details at my website:

A Wood Heart is a map drawing and story telling game about humans, forest spirits and the intersection of their existence.

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looking for a 3d artist to model a few simple-ish hard surface objects for use in a cool game project! freelance gig, short-term, marginalized / underrepresented people preferred.

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Boat finances and a post about boat and finances 

I just set up a new goal on my ko-fi.

The winter storms in our "new" winter harbour managed to tear on the ropes just from being windy, so the rig needs new ropes to sail safely during the next years.
This is an expence I didn't see coming, and I'm worried that it might keep us from sailing :(

In other news I met my closest boat neghbour today (he's in the docking spot right next to me) and he was complaining about the ice in the harbour, just like I have been for months. Both of us miss being out on the fjord (and further out, at the open sea), but we're stuck and it sucks.

But being frozen in gives me time to fix the ropes, I just need some financial help getting a hold of them. Every coffee helps!

Spent many hours trying to drill through stainless steel bolts yesterday, with some progress, but at this rate removing them will take me and Dev a few days.

Story: 2 bolts are broken, and stuck (rly stuck) in the body of our diesel engine.

While drilling. "Hot damn! This is some REALLY good quality stainless steel!" Annoyed, but also impressed? 😅

(not looking for advice)

A cleat made from a set of ropes saturated with epoxy.

"Very strong, very light, very cheap, very fast to make."

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