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"Food fermentation is a strange thing: it inverts what many regard as waste and turns it into a social, living, edible object. As a friend of mine once said, if you have too many grapes, you make wine. If you have too much wine, you throw a party. If you still have too much wine, you make vinegar. Fermentation turns scarcity and abundance on its head, belying easy categories of what is waste and what is too much."

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Me to Devine: "Hey go clean up the mess you left on the dock from yesterday's wood project..."

Devine: "OK. On it." Goes outside.

Sounds like clean up is happening, but then I hear the sound of a jigsaw cutting through wood. Devine is making something else instead.

Ahh, so much love for this silly human.

Another amazing Tongan historical bit:

"During King Siaosi I's trip to Australia and New Zealand in 1853, when asking about the beggars he saw, he was told that they were unable to work since they had no land. This led to the constitution stating that land in Tonga could only be given to natural-born Tongans and not sold to outsiders, as is still the case today."

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"In pre-Christian times each Tongan clan had a spirit animal, and a clan member brought bad luck upon himself by killing and eating his clan animal.

This was called "tabu" among Tongans. It was once so ingrained in the culture that missionaries used the phrase in reference to social transgression and it became the etymological root for the English "taboo."

Some Tongans still observe taboos on their clan animals."

Another win: Our dock neighbor gave us a diving suit that no longer fits him! It is thick enough to use in Canadian waters.

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Fixed our whisker pole today. It is so nice when repair projects go well...

A project win is nice now and then :>.

Funny that I didn't end up working on the whisker pole today. Still working on our engine, and noticed the fuel filter bowl was rly dirty. So spent the afternoon draining bad fuel, and changing all the filters :/.
Hopefully I'll work on the whisker pole tomorrow XD

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So thankful that we have helpful neighbors, and a good place to borrow tools nearby. We have many tools aboard, but we can't have everything... esp specialized tools that you use once every 2-3 yrs.

Borrowed right angle drill from neighbor the other day (engine-related project, again), and will likely borrow a rivet tool from the Tool Library tomorrow to fix our whisker pole :>.

What repair, or construction projects are you all working on these days?

🖤 🔧

A character commission for Adeon I just finished. Ink, on 6x6 watercolor paper.

Non-human character requests are rly my favorite, so fun~

"The beavers dug underground alongside the creek to reach the cable, which is buried about three feet underground and protected by a 4.5-inch thick conduit. The beavers first chewed through the conduit before chewing through the cable in multiple locations.

They also appear to be using Telus materials to build their home. There is fibre marking tape, usually buried underground, on top of their dam."

Good, good beavers.

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Very, very Canadian news.

"Internet down in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, after beaver chews through fibre cable."

Can see the little ecofan spinning, busy dispersing heat around the room :D

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Made a continuous rope ring last night out of Dyneema using a Möbius Brummell Splice. This is hella strong, and will hold the ring to the cart. Will add a few stitches to ensure the ring doesn't slip.

Did not have a fid, so went to thrift store and found some knitting needles, which we cut at an angle.

Funny story, the needles I bought appeared hollow but weren't >_<. SO, Devine bore a hole through it with a drill. Problem solved.

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