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@rek drawn by hand, photographed with shitty iPad2 camera and processed with sketchbook pro. Photo was a mess, but it cleaned up nice :>. We're at anchor so I can't use my main work station and tools, I changed the battery in 2019, but it's not performing too well these days. Usually, I take photos with our Nikon and process it with Gimp or Krita.

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Bread radio names.

Making some doodles for the 100r documentation :>, and it is so fun~!

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Putting together the quilt. I think there's 360 or 414 of these squares, individually stuffed like bubble wrap.

Common murre. Such a perfect bird.

Photo by Simon Boivin (

Wahoo~ someone gave us the Futurama series! Been so long since I've seen it :>.

Loss of life, sailboat sinking 

Just read a report on the SY Essence that sank off the coast of NZ in 2019. They suffered severe weather, large waves, and after multiple knockdowns their windows blew out. The yacht had large windows, with no storm coverings. The pressure of the wave caused the windows to be pushed outward.

Pino's windows aren't small. We did not have storm coverings on our trip. We are lucky nothing like this happened. Next big offshore trip, we're covering our windows.

They have a peach tree at their place, and gave us a bunch.

We are spoiled.

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Just arrived to Saltspring Island (BC, Canada).

Hoping to catch up with some friends that are staying here. They are Canadian, but we met them while in New Zealand. Their sailboat is still there, but they're stuck here, waiting for the border to re-open.

Glad we weren't separated from Pino.

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Life lesson: always backup your notes. No matter what application are you using, export your notes periodically and move them somewhere else.

So happy we have a dinghy again ^____________^. It fits so well on Pino's deck.

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screaming face with no eyes, horror photos 

The whole photo set is up on the Blood and Dust website over here:

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We are currently dependent on marinas and friends to get off to land(or swimming..). We've just acquired an old dingy. We'll fix it up and we'll be able to row to shore on our own terms from now on.

We're next to a high ramp, and the tide is real low so we can see the whole of Pino ^_^.

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Frida is back! 😍 I’ve heard that hummingbirds will revisit the same feeder year after year, but since last year we named one with a distinct single spangle and unique habit of perching above the feeder, now we know for sure.

Just finished reading Mingming & the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing by Roger Taylor. I love Roger's approach to sailing.

He does one big trip per year, and that's all the sailing he'll do that year. On those trips he never lands anywhere. He skirts by land sometimes, admiring it from a distance.

His travels are only ever about being on the ocean, and I really love that.

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