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How to unfuck your life?
Keep on cooking!
From the top to the bottom: dried Carolina reaper, Moruga scorpion and unknown chilies, dried datterino tomatoes, loquat marmalade, apple, ginger and cinnamon jam and red bell pepper and red chili sauce.
Nice backstories: we've used wild apples which I've found on a tree near a highway junction -really sweet and crunchy!- and the loquats were a barter. we'll bring the owner of the tree a very hot sauce.
Why buy when you can forage or barter? :blobaww:

First test copy finished, still have a couple things to change / fix before making a real run but it's so cool to be able to flip through the real thing

On the way over from Oak Bay we crossed two other boats in the fog in Enterprise channel, bound for here(recognized the boats), alongside some orcas!

It was a short, but delightful passage.

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Back in the Victoria Inner Harbour with Pino.

So nice to see all of the boaters here from last year, as well as others we've met this summer who got a spot.

On October 1st, everyone returns here for the winter. There were tons of ppl on on the docks today, telling stories on where they went.

It's so, so nice. It is truly a lovely, lovely community.

I've missed this.

One week left to preorder Merveilles swag for your head! Visit and follow the instructions to preorder a black 🧢 with our logo embroidered!

Since we're going to be cruising a lot more here, made a new entry on our wiki for Western Canada with notes on places we visit :>.

Made one batch of fermented carrots. Liked the carrots so much (they tasted rly good raw) that I went to get more today to make a second jar :D.

These days aboard Pino, we pan-roast sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to add onto dishes. We usually make a big batch, so we always have some on hand.

It adds crunch and bulk to our dishes, and tastes great!

With Pino, we got used to tacking maybe once every 4 days, or less. We're re-learning to sail near land again, where tacking constantly is necessary.

We had the wind in our faces today, but our little vessel handled it well enough. It just takes a lot longer to get anywhere.

Our boat is one step closer to Victoria.

Capucine Trochet sailing aboard Tara Tari, the first ever sailboat made from 100% jute fibre.

The first portrait I drew in a very long while, I somehow had convinced myself that I wasn't good at it, glad it's not the case. Looking forward to inktober and just drawing a little bit every day for the rest of my life.

Ran out of cacao powder, so am using kinako to make a stovetop cake ^____^.

Galley smells so good rn.

Water restrictions in the Islands make it very difficult to fill-up our water. We've been reliant on our own supplies for a few weeks now.

All the Islands reserve the water for local consumption. Understandable, but it makes it difficult for those who don't have a fixed home.

Today we are switching to our pressure sprayer to wash the dishes. Our main tank is near empty, but we still have a few extra litres in Jerry cans to draw from.

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