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Would love to make amba, a mango-based spiced sour (usually fermented) condiment that I had for the first time at an Israeli cafe in New Zealand.

I miss the taste so, so much. Not sure I could make one as legit tho. Need a good recipe, if anyone has one.

Recently went over the whole 100R website and optimized, resized all of the images. The site is much lighter now :>.

Notes on optimizing images:

I just had a thought that smelled like corn pops.

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@rek Similarly, one of my favorite market finds that will outlive me is the Spong & Co. Coffee Mill Grinder No. 2

Devine is grinding all the things. Oat groats, chickpeas, soy beans, wheat berries...

Pino is a small factory.

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OHHH YESSS I think I may have found an old Corona mill for grains and beans! Been looking for one for AGES.

With one, we could mill our own flour from tough grains like corn, chickpeas, soy beans etc.

Going to see it tomorrow :D :D

Apparently he left a cat onboard (!!!). I was like, SHIT. I didn't know he had a cat. Our neighbour knew there was one aboard, but didn't know the owner was missing. He's been missing since the 13th and I was like, fuk, that cat is still in there...

Luckily, our other neighbour had both pieces of information, and told the marina. The cat was removed a few days ago.

PHEW. Relieved...

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"Oohhh I am excited to try this lacto-fermented recipe! But is there an option where the salt can be eliminated?"


Our good friends have 4 sewing machines at home (I don't know how that happened) but they gave us one today :O :O!

Looking forward to making more complex projects with our new-to-us machine ^_^

Police just came by our boat to ask if we'd seen our dock neighbour lately, because he's missing o_o.
Shiet. We've only just met him, but I hope he's alright.

"You have... 1500 new emails"

Hm, I thought. A bit above average.

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Dayum. The automatic messaging system of a company I get emails from bugged out, and sent me like... 1000 emails XD.

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"It’s strange, isn’t it? The ideology of capitalism is that it is a system that generates immense abundance (so much stuff!). But in reality it is a system that relies on the constant production of scarcity.

This conundrum was first noticed back in 1804, and became known as the Lauderdale Paradox. Lauderdale pointed out that the only way to increase “private riches” (basically, GDP) was to reduce what he called “public wealth”, or the commons. To enclose things that were once free so that people have to pay in order to access them. To illustrate, he noted that colonialists would often even burn down trees that produced nuts and fruits so that local inhabitants wouldn’t be able to live off of the natural abundance of the earth, but would be forced to work for wages in order to feed themselves. "

Degrowth: A Call for Radical Abundance

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