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Babysitting my fire :>.

I love having a woodstove, but it is a bit distracting, at times XD. I'm always looking a it, and tending to it.

Favorite book this year was The Summer Book by Tove Jansson.
Favorite films include The Dresser(1983), Santa Sangre and Shoplifters.

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2021 highlights:

- Made tofu from scratch
- Lacto-fermented many veg
- Finished writing all chapters of Wiktopher
- Read 15 books
- Wrote article on How to Save Energy when Cooking for Noonsite.
- Started Vancouver Island Mushroom art series
- Published Busy Doing Nothing
- Shared 6 recipes on GrimGrains
- Designed mascots for Uxn and the 100r tools
- Began Wunderland Rabbits project
- Designed assets for Niju
- Made a Cat Clock
- Installed a wood stove and dry toilet on Pino

How to keep warm in winter? Grind a bunch of whole grains with a mill 😓

Now the ingredients featured on the homepage are handpicked. I'll change them once in a while :>.

All are clickable, with information on that particular food.

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We reduced the number of ingredients that appear on the Grimgrains homepage. As much as I liked having a wall of food, the site will now load faster :>.

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I'm happy with this first complete painting in a very long time. I've had so much inspiration and a renewed confidence in my art practice during winter solstice, I feel like i'll be exploring that for the months to come.

This one is 6" across, acrylics on wood, no title yet.

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Our area has a ton of hummingbirds (they stay here in the winter), and because it's been especially cold these past few days, people have been busy sharing tips online on how best to keep the sugar water in their feeders from freezing up.

It's sweet to see people caring this much about them :). People are using warming bulbs, wrapping the feeders in part with fabric of xmas lights, or exchanging them with fresh ones when they freeze.

Procnias albus, or white bellbird, makes the loudest call ever recorded for birds, reaching 125 dB.

Video of said call (YouTube):

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If you use Mac OS X and want to have clickable uxn app launchers for yourself, here's a starting point.
This repo is mostly just ICNS versions of @rek's beautiful illustrations. The readme file explains what to do.

LOLOL @neauoire is cooking dinner, reached for a bottle of olive oil aaaand... it congealed because of the cold O_O

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Arctic Outflow over British Columbia. It is COLD inside Pino today, holy hell XD.

We have the stove going though, my toes are getting warmer.

I left a bucket of soaking rags outside overnight and it is frozen solid.

I looked at Devine then, "I did something bad".

"What did you do?"

"I chucked the mulled wine in the sink. It's gone."

"What! WHY!?"

"I didn't meaaaaan tooooo!!! Wine in a bowl is weird, and I forgot and ahhh—"

"*facepalm*. Well, we'll tell our neighbours it was delicious."

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Neighbours give us mulled wine. Devine puts it in a bowl, because that's all we've got.

We put it on the counter to have after dinner.

After dinner, I forget that the liquid in the bowl is mulled wine, it resembles diluted soy sauce (we had soba with a soy sauce base for dinner) and so, I chuck it in the sink.

As it is pouring down the drain, the wonderful smell of cinnamon, cloves and other spices floats up to meet my nostrils. I realize my mistake , but it is too late. The wine is gone 😭

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A commission for a friend of his family as a Xmas present to his partner :>.

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This year we have been reading a lot about #alternative web/computing. It's really inspiring to see the variety of initiatives going in different directions. For the end of the year, it's time to share some of them 🙂

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