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The threshold for discoverability on Mastodon is pretty high, so be generous about boosting other people. Sometimes you're the signal, and sometimes you're the path the signal takes through the noise.

While putting in grommets for the mini-dodger project this afternoon I smashed my mouse-clicking finger with a hammer 😑 ...

Grommets looking good tho~

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After about 3 weeks of sewing, and lots of help from our friends, we've built a dodger from scrap canvas and vinyl we had onboard.

It will keep the rain and spray out of the companionway for the foreseeable future.

Mission successful! 🥳

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I never know which one to use, tbh. 🤨

@neauoire @Hellien "Hardheaded woodpecker bores holes in world's largest hockey stick"


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One thing I LOVE about fermentation is that it frees me from the mild germophobe tendencies I've picked up over the years.

Like yeah, there's some baddies out there, but most the little bugs just trying to survive like us. And our bodies have learned to thrive together in a poetically beautiful way!

"Mountains and rivers, grasses and flowers, can all become Buddhas."

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"In the Shinto universe, every inanimate thing, every piece of dust, every vegetable is believed to have a spirit."

In Shimoda Japan, a stump stool smiled at us as we walked past.

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The first episode of Canadalandback is out. It's a monthly, Indigenous-led podcast hosted by Ryan McMahon.

The episode talks about the Dechinta school, the only land-based, university-accredited program in the world.

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Spice smelling game: Nohi'yara.

Nohi: smell, nose
Yara: to think

"To think with your nose" in Finic.

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Does anyone know of any queer/trans houses in the Vancouver-Burnaby area that are looking for a housemate?

Boosts :boost_ok: ok!

This industry doesn't rly create more jobs for locals either. The pellet plants are run largely by machines (very few employees).
The 'pellet boom' has benefited shareholders more than it has rural communities.

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"In the early days of pellet production, lumber waste was indeed the principal raw material, but Conservation North, which keeps tabs on local producers, has found that whole trees increasingly feed this growing industry."

Currently, about 90 percent of the wood pellets produced in Canada are used to power electricity plants overseas.

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One day, I will make nukazuke aboard Pino.

I miss the taste so much 😭

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Today’s work was covering the balcony with dried reed, trimming it and install a small half moon table and our first (gasp) « garden chairs ».

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