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The way to the Broughtons is just... a fuck ton of rapids XD... it's all timing, terrible for a sailboat.

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The last time we rowed around Pino to take a picture goes back a few years, it's nice to have a new one with all the modifications we made.

Now all of the seagulls I see are Kehaars, and they all have a Eastern European accent

I’m re-reading the Curve of Time right now by Wylie Blanchett, a friend of hers, Mike, had a cabin in Melanie Cove in the 1930’s. A place filled with books and surrounded by an apple orchard.
He used to cut down entire trees in the area on his own, and sell them off to keeping living there, comfortably, alone.

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We are now in Melanie Cove. The view here is breathtaking, with plenty for snow covered mountains.
We had some wind, but mostly in our faces :<. We don’t understand how the wind travels in the area here yet. The mountains disturb the wind, and funnels it around in unexpected ways. We’ll get it, eventually...

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Gale weather and plenty of rain forecasted for today, we've set up our rain collectors.

Bring it aaaooon.

Our 6-hour sail to Grace Harbour from the North of Texada Island was so, so nice. It was raining the whole time, and we were thoroughly soaked, but we sailed beautifully.
We went downwind, wing on wing for nearly 5 hours. It's rare that we get to do that, the wind isn't always reliable, and our path doesn't always allow it.
Had it not been for rain, this transit would have been per-fect.

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Published the list of changes to the Hundredrabbits projects for the month of May.

Arrived in Pender Harbour this morning, found some friends already anchored in the bay :D (also, found some internet *flails*)

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So, Rekka and I devised hand gestures for each one of the operations.

In includes a hexadecimal finger-counting scheme, and bitwise gestures, that we hope will be useful for anyone familiarizing themselves with binary.

The system uses a few existing gestures, and purposefully creates new gestures to disambiguate others.


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Drew a Merveilles sigil for fun, might end up tattooing it on myself 😬 :merveilles:

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I recently "downgraded" from my workhorse iMac to an older Macbook Air, and I already love how much better it fits my workflow. Plus I'm now solidly off the update / upgrade hamster wheel, so that's a relief!

It's one of my first planned shifts toward being more mobile and less energy-consuming in the long haul. One step closer to my off-grid, permacomputing dreams!

Map integrated in the book.

Hard to post a good preview of the full page since it's vertical, still, gives a good idea~

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Arrived in Nanaimo this morning. It's been 6 years since we were last here! Good to be back.
We'll wait here for weather to cross the strait of Georgia to Smuggler's Cove :>.

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Our hope is that we can get there early enough to beat summer crowds, to enjoy quieter anchorages for a little while. Then, when they come we'll keep moving north to the Broughtons.

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