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like when the state can't provide regular power, water and food, or provide ANY medical support


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I've been adding rectangular link areas to slides in Adelie, so people can craft little interactive graphical novels.

I think I'll even add basic conditional commands, a-la "if key = 1 then skip next command"

The idea was suggested by @eli_oat

Eating these along with some tea is going to be necessary (helps cut the sweet).

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Sweet peanut butter cocoa goodness~ very rich, but very good.

A variation of this recipe (no beans, lots and lots of peanut butter).

Been a while since I’ve had news of any kind, and this is the first thing I hear XD... (been away from people and city centres for a little while).

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Walked 3 hours to the south of the island and back in the woods today.
Stopped by a general store. Saw that credit card payments were down because apparently Rogers was hacked or something? Like, it’s down for the whole of Canada and has been for a while? Crazy.

I find animation tedious, but I love doing little key poses like this :>. So fun!

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I'm trying to make sure that our @domingoclub project is viable, that we can carry it for a long time and make it work. We have always had a lot of energy for design and sharing, but very little for the business side, although it is very necessary. What we have never done is market research... and so that's what I'm trying to do now.

Do you have any tips, references, tools, advice, anything that could help me in my quest?

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I've decided to set the submission deadline for Issue 2 of on July 31st since submissions are coming in pretty regularly, I think I'll aim to have the zine ready around October, it would be really fitting ^^

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Just had two days of solid rain. Filled our water bins, pressure sprayer, and still the rain kept coming... washed my salt-laden shoes, wetsuit...more rain, washed the dishes... ALL the dishes. Rain.

Never seen this level of rain in the summer before. Had to bail water out of the dinghy twice today.

Because of last year’s drought we’ve been super careful with water, too careful maybe... but also, can never resist collecting rain, feels like a waste if I don’t.

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Anyways, if anyone would like to fund some arts while I apply for arts funding, a small donation through Liberapay ( or Ko-fi ( would really lower my stress levels and help me write that play.

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Went swimming with the local moon jellyfish today, and to check on our shaft zincs. Can’t say I’m super comfortable with being in the water around the jellies though. There are so many.

Water was nice though, especially with a wetsuit :)! Our sailing friend Jim gave me a full suit last year (didn’t fit him anymore), and I wanted to try it out. I am crazy buoyant in the water with it XD!

I’d rly like to become more comfortable swimming in these waters. I really, really missed swimming.

I just realized there’s is a mistake with the Uxn update. My laptop battery is dead and I cant fix it now (we rly wanted to watch Brazil last night hehe) just a note to say I’m aware of the error.

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Released the list of changes to the Hundred Rabbits project for the month of June!

I think because we make do with not having certain things, or repair broken things, or get them second hand whenever possible, ppl assume we can’t afford them. Being thrifty is often seen that way... I do wonder sometimes, cause it happens a lot.
I’m glad they are thinking of us though, but life was okay without these things too. We’ll use it cause we have it, but we rly had no plans to get one.

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Our sailing friends came into the same bay as us yesterday and gave us their old chart plotter....! They replaced it with a newer model.

We’ve never had one aboard Pino. Redundancy is good. It’ll be good to have something a bit more rugged/waterproof than an old smart phone. We’ll try and it up soon.

Seems like Pino is where our friends go to get rid of their things.

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An understated video profile of a seagoing folk hero.

Nick Skeates, 72, has sailed around the world four times since the early '70s, in two small yachts. Wiley scavenger, skilled seaman, adept at living on the margins of, well, everything, he embraces, for the most part, an 18th century simplicity of means. Hell of a yacht designer, too.

Below: Skeates aboard his self-designed/built 32-foot, steel cutter, Wylo II and its galley built entirely of salvaged materials.

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