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We couldn't send out two Hundred Rabbits newsletter due to being away for most of the summer(our RSS feed was up to date in the meantime).

So, we've gathered everything up since our last update and sent it out today :)

If anyone wants to to help affectees of the flood in Pakistan, pls donate to this fundraiser.

It is organized by socialist-feminist collective with a long history of grassroots struggle.

I can vouch for the people behind it. They are always there in times of crisis, standing up to the militarized state dispossessing people of their land and their homes.

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Last Friday, my partner and I snagged this IBM Personal Wheelwriter 2 from the local antique store for $79.

They wrote letters to all of their friends this weekend and I've already written two full page journal entries.

To say that we have fallen in love with this 24-pound beige behemoth and testament to the durability of electronic equipment from the early 1990s would be an understatement.

We've arrived to Saturna(William Gibson?) yesterday, we'll be here until september 5th.

Love drawing on our calendar ^_^.

The calendar doubles as a log. I write what we did that day, if we ate something special, if there was an event... etc.

Pino's belly has been re-filled, and we had a nice but breezy sail to Saturna Island.
Nice to be back in Lyall Harbour again.

After a month I'm done with the 4 weapons / items from the first area of our fantasy TTRPG campaign setting: the northern lands.

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Went to pick some blackberries from a place we go everywhere year.
Filled two bowls. One bowl-full went into a blackberry cake, the other is for oatmeal toppings ^_^.

I filled my sketchbook a few weeks ago, and I don’t have another, so Ive been continuing the comic planning on paper :P.

I bought it in early May. Glad that I was able to finish this sketchbook so quick. Feels good.

Web 3? No thank you. Web 1.0 please.
Electric cars? No thank you. Light rails, trains, and bikes, please.
Ever faster computing devices? No thank you. Cleaner, leaner, and more minimalist software, please.

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We used to do 110 nautical miles a day on the ocean (on a good day), and now doing 25 while near land just kills me.

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Curious how tiring it is to sail near land, but sailing on the ocean for weeks won’t tire me out as severely.
Here time is a serious factor, time to get to an anchorage: before the tide turns (fighting current is a losing game), before dark (too many dangers in the water, traffic, dead heads, reefs, crab traps), etc.
Land and atmospheric disturbances also moves wind around in unexpected ways.

Texada is full of marble... saw these large chunks lining the outside of the breakwater.

The island was long mined for limestone, iron ore and copper. That is evident, when walking around the island. There are still some active mines and quarries, but most have closed.

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