I finally made a proper colorscheme for my terminal!

I spent like one hour just to decide between #282520 and for black 😅

I tried for the first time TMUX last week, and now I'm a complete fan!
I already spent a good amount of time on my status bar configuration :D

this past weekend at the Revision 2020 demoparty, my partners in crime from RAZOR 1911 released a mesmerizing beautiful 4096 bytes intro, please take a moment to look at the beauty of mathematics and realtime computer graphics :)


download link:

time machine sunday!

here is a raytraced picture I made in 1991 with Sculpt-Animate 4D on Amiga.
this single static picture needed a full day of rendering on an Amiga 3000!
texture didn't existed yet, so everything in this picture is made of hand-drawn vertices/polygons!

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here is a small intro I did 10 years ago, I got some fame with this one for some reasons ;)

LFT is a genius.

This amazing music video is generated by 256 bytes of 6510 ASM code.

magic behind the code explained here:

another unfinished project I started on PICO-8, a tiny space bullet hell shmup :)

happy palindrome day!

today we are the 02022020 :)

ZEPTON title screen.

I took inspiration on old Commodore 64 crack intro.

$D021 rasterbars FTW! :D


here a a slow rendering of my PICO-8 3d engine, so you can see how much things are done in a single frame :)

this is how I display the surface normal to debug lightning :)

I am still very happy of the score board I made for ZEPTON.

Some years ago, I did a small voxel shooter for PICO-8, you can play online or download the binary on the itch.io page: chiptune.itch.io/zepton

the source code is available on the official PICO-8 BBS:

In another life, I composed a lot of music (mostly chiptunes) and this one is my most famous track:

It's not my personal favourite, but this song became (sort of) famous because it was used in the Sony Vegas Pro keygen. This video editing software was used by a lot of youtubers, so they naturally used this music in their videos :)

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