Hello there, I'm REZ.

I'm a demoscener since 1993, actually member of a group named RAZOR 1911 as coder.

I'm still living in the 80's, that's probably why I love so much big pixels and lowfi musics!

One of my latest work was a software 3D engine running on the lovely PICO-8 fantasy console:

@tomupom thank you a lot!
I feel very honoured to be there :)

@rez love the effect 3d has in pico 8. Very retro!

@luxpris 128*128 resolution and 16 colors fixed palette help a lot to stay retro :D

@rez ha! Yes, it doesn't give you much wiggle room. Regardless, I am impressed by some of the work people churn out on the platform. I look forward to seeing your stuff on the local feed!

@rez I whish I were able to do graphic 😭​development

@rez That gif takes me back to the early Star Fox games. So much fun. Welcome!

Glad to see a fellow demoscener. I was doing a lot of Atari ST stuff back in the days, and our group is still around.

@loke @rez What the he...

Right, so you know all those videos you guys have on the site?
Let's get them onto peertube.

We've got some at - and eventually I'll get an instance up dedicated to the demoscene - but.

(Say hi to nerve and the lot for me (: )

Actually, I did set up a peertube instance for that very purpose. However, it turns out that setting it up and have it work well is not easy, so I didn't really manage to get it stable.

@loke @rez Cool. Let's compare notes at some point. Also we can ask @ryen for pointers and suggestions.

(also, I pinged gasman over at demozoo, and there can be some integration there eventually, when we have things a bit more set up.)

Obviously we can arrange this in such a way that you can be primary on DHS and, likely, Atari things - if you like - and I would federate that from mine. But we can work that out later (:

@rez I’m a longtime fan of your work — glad to see you here!

@rez Howdy. I’m a Demoscene fan. I am into C64, and recently acquired a nice old one. This work is quite beguiling. Thanks for sharing it. MPlease ping me if you come around SDF sometimes.

Welcome @rez, I'm also Rez! Never thought I'd see the day. 😁

And nice Pico-8 engine!

How tight-knit is the C64 demoscene nowadays? I used to work with Csabo from LOD at our day job. Pretty sure he's still active 😎

@rez from geek zone to merveilles very fast, coucou Rez!

@megfault @rez Or an entry at Cookie? Or VIP?

(I mean, ok, technically it's not javascript, but it can run as javascript, just... well anyway.)

I mean, I'd love to see Rez vs Jobe (Razor 1911 vs Matt Current) at some point, but I have a distinct feeling it would be even MORE awesome to see the discussions before and after between them talking about techniques and inspiring each other. WHICH IS WHAT MAKES THE DEMOSCENE THE BEST THING EVER.

(Well, ok, other things that cause the inspiration of others and increasing techniques and skills without detracting/demanding something from the participants - those are also the best thing ever, I just haven't run into ... any other ones. Well ok, quilting groups may qualify. And maybe the early years of hiphop. Yeah the early years of hiphop DEFINATELY qualify. Likely also the whole Jazz movement in the US, and possibly bluegrass... hmm notice how all these things are ARTISTIC ENDEAVORS?)

@rez hey, I remember that from some gif compo!

what a relevant-to-our-instance-name motif, too :D

@rez I love your work. Especially "The scene is dead". Best 64k ever synced to an awesome dubmood tune. I would love to see the source one day.

@rez if you ever need music for a demo. I would love to contribute. You are one of the reasons I started making chiptune so thank you a lot :anarchoheart1: :awesome:

@Bobo_PK @rez got links to your work?

(Also, do you do pico-8 tunes? (: )

@Truck @rez

Not yet. I am learning to code since 3 month and am a programming trainee.

@Bobo_PK @rez Cool! A few things on starting, particularly when dealing with visuals (but also applies to sound programming)

Don't worry that your first things won't look as amazing as, say, Rez' stuff (or anyone elses.) First of all, it's not theirs, it's yours, and you will put parts of YOU into it, which makes it unique.
Remember when coding for fun to _have_ fun.
And when someone criticizes your work, determine if they're being helpful, or being a jerk. (Sometimes the jerks don't know how to be helpful any way but being a jerk, so sometimes you choose to put up with their lack of tact. And sometimes the people who seem helpful are actually not helpful at all, in the long run.) Ignore anything that isn't helpful to you.
Don't worry about platform, language, or anything like that. Just make things. The other parts will fall into place as you learn.
There is nothing wrong with trying something out. If it doesn't work, save it for later.

@rez Wait I thought you were on here before. I thought I followed you. Darn it... THAT has been corrected (:

@Truck in fact I was there since a long time but on another overcrowded server, so I moved to a more cosy place and start everything again :D

@rez I wanna do a live set with Pico visuals like this so bad

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