happy palindrome day!

today we are the 02022020 :)

@rez And, correctly written, the 20200202 (:

(Ok technically, 2020-02-02 but still. Palindrome. And this is why this palindrome day is so different - it hasn't happened in 900 years - the incorrect ways of writing dates AND the international standard are both palindromes.)

@rez Also: 2020-02-02 SORTS PROPERLY. (:

Unlike, you know, various other things where you have to go messing about with ordering it so the seconds are first, then minutes, blah blah blah or the standard, which is largest first (millinium century decade year month day hour minute second millisecond)

I could now digress into why dates should be stored as UTC but instead: I will make tea!

Tea is great, it stops everyone from having to hear me go on and on about UTC times and banks and

(You would have liked the dream I had about the c64 cartridge thing, I wrote it all down, I'll publish it later.)

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