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Hello to all Merveilles people!

My name is Stefan.

I am programming enthusiast that works in a computer graphics industry. I like to tinker with different things most of which are game making and visual experiences.

I find communities such as Merveilles really inspiring.

The last personal project I did was a demo for demoscene competition

Sometimes I enjoy trying innovative ways of development:

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“Where the hell have you been, Rez?”

Little ol’ me? I’m figuring out my work/life balance while teaching my dad Illustrator over the Internet, what’s new with you?

Hey, how about that Carol Danvers? I like her backstory and how powerful she is, this might be the first Marvel film that motivates me to read a comic book. Maybe. I dunno, that’s a rabbit hole. Find a way to watch Captain Marvel sometime, is what I’m saying

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Re: audio synthesis

I think I’ve found my inroad! Tone.js seems to be for web audio what Three.js is for WebGL— a thin, open source implementation of some familiar concepts, that over time becomes just a convenient library for spinning up new projects.

For example, here’s an example:

I doubt I’ll use it to compose or perform music anytime soon, but who knows?

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Trying out Apex Legends and realizing I just need to make an on the nose battle royale game about the gig economy

Assembly and completion! And then I dropped it and it broke apart, but not a huge setback.

Also I can’t use my phone’s touch screen with the parts of my fingertips that I got superglue on...

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Hello everyone!

I'm a software engineer by trade, and have many other interests.

I've recently been doing a lot of reading about buddhism (specifically secular), ikigai, and other mindfulness related topics.

I've also recently begun urban sketching, which I will likely share here.

Some of my other interests include running, meditation, coffee, diy hardware, and web development.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!

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Hi everyone!
I'm Tilman, and I'm currently studying Computer Science in London, UK.
I'm mostly a programmer, with my focus in games, but I'm exploring other interests as well, like music, woodworking, or whatever else catches my attention at the moment.

Excited to be here, and to see what everyone else is up to!

Audio question.

I'm trying to isolate a sound effect. I can see it quite clearly in Audacity's spectrogram view: its main component is those streaks that look like a meteor shower.

I doubt I can isolate one 100%, but I'm not even sure what my next steps are. My end goal is to synthesize this sound effect myself, procedurally, with WebAudio, but any kind of progress would be helpful at this point.

Any ideas, soundpeeps?

3D printing.

This plastic was a wound up coil five hours ago. The shape it took was projected onto 2D computer screens, until now.

Welcome to the world, Novel Solid!

It all comes down to minimizing the amount of structural integrity you demand of your mesh before it's fully printed.

Since this thing is composed of a bunch of extruded squares, lots of its parts can just be laid out flat. The two curls will need supports added, which lots of free apps can do automatically.

Last night, though, I had to manually stitch some of this stuff together in Blender, so that the printer software would recognize overlapping geometries as parts of the same solid.

3D logo update:

I think I hamstrung my personal website project by working on this 3D logo project. Not that I’m disappointed; I just think I’m kind of too quick to go off on tangents sometimes. You know?

Anyways, I’ve now got what I think is a decent STL to 3D print! Fortunately there’s a printer at my job, nearly within eyeshot, and tons of folks who print random stuff all the time who’ve provided helpful input. I’m kind of proud that my design constraints ended up simplifying the process!

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made a quick remix of this awesome by

view it live here

please also view the original work + their live streams, they're amazing. here's a merveilles style example :

rest is here (and on twitter link above)

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