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I'm a NY-born Oakland resident who programs for game companies to survive. I teach Scratch to kids at our town's video game museum.

In my free time I used a lot, then , and now a lot of modern . I port things as a way to preserve ideas. I have a loving wife and 2 cats.


, uuuuh,

I'm not sure how to convey the relief I feel, now that I've reached my desk once again after our move-in process buried this tiny room under mountains of clutter.

Our progress is slow, but it's important to acknowledge these milestones 😌

Moving house in the Bay Area continues!

Currently playing: I Found Where We Put The Umbrellas, Ellas, Ellas, Ay, Ay

This works great!

It's almost as if.... I don't need to strap the projector to the bottom of the shelf.


This has been an actual live shot-by-shot epiphany brought to you by Rezmason Productions


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Now I hear you shouting, "Rez, wait! What if you do all this work, and it projects to low?"

Fair point! I'll just test the throw by flipping the projector on the shelf, doing a headstand and configuring it to ceiling mode...

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The problems I have to tackle are threefold:

1. the technical issue of removing the shelf, tightly securing the projector to it without obstructing its ventilation, filter access, lens or sensors, and then slotting it back into the shelf brackets;

2. cable management, as everything that plugs into the projector will be on the top of the shelf;

3. aesthetics, because if it looks like shit then no one will trust it enough to sit beneath it later

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The problem is, like most projectors, mine is designed to aim upwards, as if it were placed on a tabletop. Because it's on a shelf, I need to tilt it down, and my old solution just isn't cutting it in this room.

However, if I secure it upside down to the bottom of my shelf, and configure it as an overhead projector, it will aim down instead of up, which I think I can work with.

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This stupid room is my new office. At eight feet wide and ten feet tall, it's got plenty of length in the exactly wrong dimension. My projector's image, which used to cover a whole wall, now throws an image roughly the size of a flat screen TV.

Still more convenient than bolting a television to the wall or sticking it on a table! So what's the problem?

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Hello there, I'm Rezmason. Join me tonight as I carry out one of the most nerve-wracking and error-prone domestic challenges the world has ever seen: velcro-strapping my projector upside-down to the bottom of a shelf.

RIP Janet Sachs-Toomer.

Thank you for demonstrating to me, every time we spoke, the virtues of uniqueness, of openness, of cultivating perspective, and of seeking and sharing what fascinates us.

Your influence on me was kaleidoscopic, and I'm eternally grateful for it.

Actually, much like the times I've ported code in the past, I think a lot of the initial progress is going to come from messing with someone else's stuff without asking first. πŸ˜†

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It's ironic that to get to a place where we have all the time, space, energy, money and peace of mind that we need, we've got to expend so much of it! Some of which goes to just planning how to expend it in the first place!

This may prove to be my most challenging refactor yet.

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I can hardly believe the logistical complexity facing my partner and me. There's a long list of things we have to do, and there's a particular order that they have to happen in. That's on top of me working, her attending school online, and oh yeah, we had like a record number of U.S. COVID cases the other day.

But there really isn't any alternative. We've shared this 450sqft 1-bedroom for three years, and after months of shelter-in-place, it's obvious we're completely out of space.

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We're moving to Vallejo. For about the same rent, we're tripling our living space. But there's a lot to do to make it happen.

The first time I ever moved, I brought as little with me as possible.

The second time I moved, it was across the country, and I only moved what I could fly with or ship.

The third time I moved, I only had to pack a studio apartment worth of stuff.

This time is very different.

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To commemorate Adobe's upcoming Flash end-of-life this December, I've written a short story about how history will remember it in ten years.

Spoiler alert: it probably won't. So I'll get to give my biased account of it to anyone who'll listen.

Feedback appreciated!

@rek is there a word for keeping a ship stationary but unanchored, because the waves under it are too violent to sail on?

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