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I'm a NY-born Oakland resident who programs for game companies to survive. I teach Scratch to kids at our town's video game museum.

In my free time I used a lot, then , and now a lot of modern . I port things as a way to preserve ideas. I have a loving wife and 2 cats.


, uuuuh,

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Cabal, the open-source & p2p group chat I've worked on with friends, is in a quadratic funding pilot experiment run by Open Collective!

What that means for us, as an example: for every 10 USD donated, we get a total of 83 USD

boosts appreciated 🖤

One more blast for the weekend: What All Went Down, my unconventional time travel story, is online! Feedback welcome, I haven't written in ages.

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americans: "it's not our fault you elected bolsonaro"
the white house:

White House admits CIA involvement in “War on Corruption” which jailed Lula and elected Bolsonaro | Brasil Wire

Disclaimer: Safari Reader seems to cut whole pages out of the story, but hopefully no one's using that to read it. 😬

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Time travel! Feelings! Dialogue, monologue! Adjectives!

If these things interest you, I invite you to read my first, stilted attempt at writing a story in a while, "What All Went Down". Feedback welcome!

My computer says it's about five and a half pages, but I'm not sure I trust it.

Done with the ending's first draft! I'll sand it and polish it a little tonight, and then upload it. 😎👍

It's a little embarrassing, but I like its quirkiness. The people in my life probably have the same feeling about me, so, karma time 😅

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Just wrote 670 words tonight. My scifi dime novel is one conclusion away from, uh, peer review. 🖋️😊

I spent yesterday recovering from a really bad interaction with other people on the loud bird website. Considering the role hope and empathy play in my story, I take pride in knowing I didn't let that bitterness discourage me from continuing this project. Hell yeah.

Started the day off on completely the wrong foot! The Twitter uspol foot.

Whatever you folks post here today, know that it's helping rejuvenate my vibes. 😌🔋 Keep being your pleasant selves, Merveilles 🌠

2,700 words and counting! Four parts written, two to go. So probably about 1500 words left to write. Then I share.


What's it about, you ask? Well I hope you like time travel! And it's time you liked hope travel. The ends justify the means.

...There's a lot of wordplay that I hope doesn't become overbearing.

Vaccination, getting a new laptop battery, and the coming summer solstice have me in a very giddy mood. I feel possibilities opening up.

So I'm writing some short science fiction!

I haven't shared any creative writing in years. I bet it's garbage! But I'll be sharing it soon. Watch this space.


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MINICUBE64 0.0.1
6502 based fantasy console emulator

Now available for MacOS, Windows and Linux

huge thanks to @bd and @nihilazo for the help

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We made it to Sidney yesterday evening, it's great to return to the place where we bought the boat 5 years ago, it's crazy to think we actually achieved our goal of sailing to japan and getting back alive.

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"Few cities have actually cut police budgets. Only about a dozen of roughly 18K agencies reduced police budgets. And many of the cities that did cut police budgets blamed revenue shortfalls caused by the coronavirus pandemic rather than protest demands."


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HRT Microgrants open in a little under 2 hours! (it usually fills up within seconds) next open period is September 1, 2021

"Everyone in our community who needs trans care deserves it. We don’t have a committee to determine who is more or less deserving, so applications fill up on a first come, first serve basis – with 75% reserved for BIPOC"

there are also resources for if you may not qualify this time around

I'm slowly checking off the boxes on a list of things I want done before I try programming on Twitch again. Today that meant handing my laptop to a repair shop for a new battery. The shiny rectangle I use for 99% of my projects is on somebody's workbench for the rest of the week.

I Have No Mac And I Must Stream.

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