It just dawned on me that I just made a HyperCard stack, alongside a bunch of friends. ☺️ :mac:

Some fun quotes I especially liked from everyone's stacks:

"i'm just a piece of paper"

"We don't go left"

"Cucumbers, hey?"

"Uh oh... maybe I shouldn't go outside..."
"Do thoughts have smells?"

"Imagine all we could do is 'moving' words from one side to another."

I've finished my overdue submission!

Still editing the landing page, but whatever. It feels good to finish a creative project.

Two cards to go.

I'm glad to see so much interest in Macs-that-didn't-happen on Merveilles tonight, because for reasons that'll become clear, I've invested quite a bit of time these past few days in something in that vein.

I won't mind at all if my stack misses the mark conceptually, but maybe it has better chances than I thought!

when the folks speak some French and the art's noir et blanc thaaaat's a-Merveilles, :audio:

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Whe-e-e-e-e-en the pictures you save
of old macs make folks rave thaaat's a-Merveilles, 🎵

Hey, remember the Apple Fax Drive? 😏 Did anyone here fax their friends with this thirty years ago? I think I'm dating myself

All right, gang,

tonight's the night I barrel through the remainder of the work for my submission. It's gonna be hours, but it's time to get it done!

I must ask: how are folks packaging up their stacks for distribution? Mine will require HyperCard 2.3 at minimum, I think.

And once I have it uploaded, who do I send my submission link to?

Sorry I didn't figure this stuff out sooner, yesterday was my birthday and I made some dietary choices that limited my stamina after work 😅

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Paper on Tokyo’s medical system handling the pandemic.

“Collapse of medical facilities can be expected to occur on April 26 if no lockdown occurs. The total number of deaths can be expected to be half a million people. If a lockdown were enacted from April 6, and if more than 60% of trips outside the home were restricted voluntarily, then a collapse of medical facilities could be avoided. “

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Current status of my submission:

Not done. Getting there, but not done. Maybe halfway done.

I'm actually pretty pleased with myself; I learned how to install and work with XCMDs; I fleshed out all my cards, and have them linked together; I think it'll be a fun stack, once it's finished, and there's few obstacles.

I have a greater understanding of what it takes to make a stack. And I'm excited to try everybody else's!

Oh, and before I forget: my stack is only 56k! I'm shocked, tbh.

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Another taste.

I think this OS is gonna sell like hotcakes, Sculley. Who could turn down this feature set?

It isn't much, but it's home (card).

I'm way behind the pack on , but I feel good about tomorrow!

It's kind of funny to work with tools that were designed for such early machines. It took me a long time to figure out how to transfer stuff from one stack to another, since HyperCard won't let me have two open at once.

You just copy the card to the clipboard! And close the stack! That's the answer! And why not? A Mac Plus had 1MB of RAM, by comparison we are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

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and let me share the Kaos 1 packaging with you with because it was HAWT

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(This will be an easter egg of sorts in my completely unrelated stack.)

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