Hiatus over, I think! I got the job! 😃 I'll still work on my personal website, side project and collaborations, though orientation and getting up to speed at work will be my top priority in the short term


:moar: RAWK :moar:

Day 1 is on January 22nd. 🤞, I might even get to work alongside a former teammate at a previous job— the first time that's ever happened to me. And my income will finally have *nothing* to do with Adobe Flash 🚀

@jakub yep, have been for 8y, though I was also considering switching to other kinds of software engineering.

@rezmason Congrats! Can you say where at or what you'll be doing?

@ian I'll be working on a popular Unity game about interior design. It'll probably be light on the graphics/physics and heavy on the UI/C#/networking

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