Quick update on my 3D logoform project:

First off, I figured all the math out. My last attempt's positions were weird fractions, because Rezmason v21.5 used √2 in the logo. It's a ten year long self-troll. 👹 Anyway, the positions of things are now much cleaner!

The off-the-shelf halftone shader I'd used was absolutely choking on larger canvas sizes, so I swapped it with someone's ten year old Shadertoy code, with minor modifications (read: bug fixes).

Tonight it becomes an STL!

The shape itself is a little less audacious than the first attempt's— for instance, the R has lost its pompadour curl in favor of a backwards 90° bend. This is so the geometry fits nicely in a rectangular prism. It's boxy when viewed from the front, so it only makes sense to look boxy when viewed from the top and sides.

I'll put the code in a public repo once I fix this STL exporter bug. 😅

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STL generated. It's 3 MB and lookin' good.

I don't own a 3D printer. I'll go looking for a 3D Kinko's tomorrow 😏

Bedtime. The open source repo can wait half a day!

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