I feel weird asking this, so I'll ask it as bluntly as possible:

I have TWO WEIRD QUESTIONS for the people of Japan! Can somebody ask them for me? Is that weird?

The first one is fun and stupid: does this string of katakana hide any meaning, read in either direction, starting from anyplace?

It's the glyph sequence in the green code in the Matrix sequels. Based on how much the Wachowskis' marketed the trilogy in Japan, they might have hid something for us to find.

The second question is more specific, and is directed to the businesses that still specialize in making Japanese family crests.

The crest "三つ大" or "三ツ大" has a few common variants, and as far as I can tell, it dates back to at least the Edo period.

One of its variants looks like the biohazard symbol, designed in 1966 by an American trying to invent an icon that had no previous meaning.

My question is, how has the biohazard symbol affected the use and interpretation of the 三つ大 crest?

@rezmason come to think of it, maybe there’s a subreddit for this.

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