Does anyone have a recommendation for an Android Mastodon client?

I've begun my gradual climb out of Apple's gravity well, and while I'll probably try other OSes, I'm getting up to speed on Android tonight.

@rezmason Tusky is the most polished client out there imo. as a PWA is also a pretty good experience

@rezmason I use Fedilab. It works pretty damn well for me, except for how I get every notification twice lately?

@rezmason They added some kind of 'live notifications' feature recently, and apparently that works independnetly of 'normal notifications' or something like that I think. Didn't figure it out yet.

@rezmason honestly, out of all the apps I've tried, Mastodon's web app feels the best. I just ended up putting a Merveilles link into my app drawer and it feels really solid. I don't even clock that it's not a native app.

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