words are chosen, psyches shatter—
mad libs are made all the madder.
Pale Truth ebbs from aimless chatter
when Horror's your reading matter.

Also they make Sour Patch Kids cereal now. It's surreal all by itself

You wake up in a [cyclopean] (noun) [ruin] (place) at [R'Lyh *in 7 segment display font*] (time) in the morning. You get up and accidentally trip over your [moulted carapace] (noun), but find your footing when you hold onto the [unseen] (adjective) [umbilical] (noun). This is gonna be a [thousand-year] (adjective) day! You [leach] (verb) downstairs to the kitchen because it's time for the most important meal of the day... breakfast. Duh. You get [grimoire] (noun) bowl and a spoon - all the proper equipment! As you pour your [shrieking] (adjective) sour patch kids cereal it [slackens] (verb) all over the kitchen floor and turn into a [shapeless] (adjective) mess. Luckily [ichor] (number) of the sour patch kids still made it into the bowl. Wahoo! It's gonna be a sweet day!

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