I wonder what Good Timeline Rezmason is up to.

He hasn't invented the transdimensional collect call yet, I know that. Or maybe he's avoiding me.

Or maybe the Good Timeline diverged from ours so long ago that I don't exist there. Periodic tables, double rainbows and forgotten 90s Mac software might be hunted down and taxidermied by an entirely different person, or delegated to several different other people, in a Rezmasonless domain.

@neauoire Thanks for checking in 😅

I dunno, a lot of big things beyond our control are draining me.

And I'm wishing I'd spent my available energy more wisely before we all got locked up for each others' health and safety?

And when I look at the things I can control, it's like, dirty dishes, the rate I eat snacks before scampering to the grocery store, and which angry quips to retweet.

I've felt a need to refocus, before any of these ordinances took place 🤦‍♂️

@rezmason Well, live this as an experiment in figuring out how you can make your life more independant and your systems more resilient next time something like this happens. And document your finding, maybe that might be a good way to turning this negative energy into something proactive and positive.

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