Hey folks, a lot of games on are free this weekend to help the folks having trouble with social distancing figure out their whole, you know, *waves hands in the air*

I just played a bunch of Mu Cartographer, and anyone here who's a fan of Hundred Rabbits' games will probably like Mu Cartographer. It's a beautiful, very alien game with no tutorial, almost zero handholding. It kind of celebrates the sensation of being lost— but with patience, it's beatable. 😊🕹️

More concisely, Mu Cartographer is like operating a flying saucer to hunt for treasure through the cover art of Radiohead's Kid A. Somebody gamified perlin noise, and I like it

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@rezmason i mistook this for a toy, not a game to be completed, let alone one with a story. interesting !

@flame In that case I'll be sure to give it a try! 😊

@rezmason I bought it some times ago, but sadly I didn't understand it and just thought it was a cool interface.. I should give it another try!

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