I don't know if I've linked you guys to Drivey before, but it's my 2018 WebGL port of a 2005 graphics demo:

I'm bringing it up after two years because a few people asked me to write about its non-photorealistic rendering, and I finally got around to it.

Is anyone up for reading 10K of text? 🙏 I'd love to have some feedback on it.

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To sweeten the deal, here's a chill track I'm playing on repeat these days.

Also, I think I have an idea for nicely introducing Merveilles color scheme support. Stay tuned!

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@neauoire Merveilles theme support is finally in. 😝 I might tweak it a bit, but the results are pretty fun so far.

Here's Drivey sporting the Nightowl theme

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Update: I've merged the essay into the main branch, which breaks the link I posted, but you can now find it here. Thanks for the feedback, folks!

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@rezmason Thanks for sharing this, thanks for writing this and thanks for that song. A good mix!

@narF You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoy it 😊👍

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