Who wants to play with something silly real quick?


Here's a little interactive panoramic thingamajig that looks a whole lot like the Verreciel cockpit, amirite?

The idea is, there'd be an SVG file where all the UI went, and refreshing this page would load them up and display them, without having to hack the game somehow.

I'd really like Verreciel's UI to be artist-accessible. And then I'd like to give a specific artist access to it. 😃


It's honestly tempting to try switching Verreciel's renderer over to this SVG+CSS method— it's concise, it's declarative, and chances are it could be ARIA-enabled so folks can use it with assistive input devices and such what.

And it's so fucking responsive! What the hell?

But it's easy to overlook some complicated things; 3D wires and structures would be a pain to implement this way. This isn't the path to a VR version, either. But we could promote the game with a site built from this. 🤔⚙️

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