I've been professional developer/engineer for 7.5 years. Today I just finally removed the last git GUI app from my machine. It's like losing an old friend :D


Experiencing SourceTree slowly wrecking itself over the past ten years has been like watching a loved one slip away into senility 😧


@chris "SourceTree, look who's come to visit, it's /features/login/fix_tab_index !"

"Whaaa? Martha?"

"No, remember fix_tab_index?"

"...fix_tab_index, yes, how are you? How's the rebase?"

"Ha ha Grampa SourceTree I aborted that rebase two weeks ago"

"Nonsense, sonny! There's still a hundred and two unresolved conflicts—"

"Sorry fix_tab_index, sometimes he gets confused."

"—did I ever tell you about when we stormed the branches at Normandy? Drove Jerry all the way back to origin, we did..."

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