cats are universally gross and bad 馃枻 

Tonight I replaced my cats' robot-rake litter tray with a new one, and have a cat-pee-odor headache a mile wide. I probably broke the Geneva convention on myself just now.

Let's be honest: cats are disgusting, vile pests, that turn dirty smelly pellets into other dirty smelly pellets, damage furniture, interrupt video calls and vomit on all our important things. Humanity's shared history with cats has been a gargantuan misstep.

I also love them tremendously.

cats are universally gross and bad 馃枻 

My tiny cat (runt munchkin, smaller than a loaf of bread) is afraid of everything and always will be, but she's grown to overcome her fears. She also likes to projectile vomit from high places, which increases her AOE. She never meows, so now I have a lifelong mission to encourage her to meow, as if I don't have plenty of other shit I gotta do.

Dexterity: 4
Personality: cat
Lives: 8
Worst toilet moment: hid for days in a cupboard and then shat in it

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cats are universally gross and bad 馃枻 

My beefy cat is a certified asshole who craves attention. I'm convinced that every bad habit he ever adopted remains in his repertoire, waiting for the right conditions for him to resort to. When my wife has a bad day, he rushes to her side to cheer her up, which is honestly very endearing. Also he shredded her favorite chair.

Dexterity: 3
Personality: asshole
Lives: 9
Worst toilet moment: climbed up the hamper & called us over to watch him pee on our clothes

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cats are universally gross and bad 馃枻 

I'm lucky to have both these creatures around me and my wife at all times. I also really wish that one of them hadn't scratched up my arms in terror at the vet that one time, and then covered the whole the room in liquid feces.

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cats are universally gross and bad 馃枻 

@rezmason oh NO. I always feel very lucky that my cats seems so mild when I hear other people's stories.

Then I realize they will probably have their own issues once they get to a certain age. They're only ~2 right now.

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